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About Brennans Tarmac Contractors

Brennans Tarmac Contractors offers tarmac products to suit all budgets and design styles. Brennans Tarmac Contractors dedicated team inspire and assist you in making the right choice of materials for your home, commercial unit, play area or all your garden landscaping projects. Skilled craftsmen and quality materials ensure that a tarmac driveway and ground space enhance your property in looks and value. Our works involve the laying of Tarmacadam, SMA and Asphalt surfaces along with other related services including planning, tack coat spraying, ground drainage, landscaping and kerbing.

Tarmacadam offers maximum performance all the year round, providing an attractive, versatile and cost-effective approach to any property. Other benefits are that it is so easy to maintain and, should staining or damage occur, is simple to patch up, repair and clean.

Tarmacadam can also be edged with stone or mixed with block paving to provide a neat and attractive finish. Well-known for their adaptability, durability and longevity, tarmac provides a simple, practical and elegant approach to any home, business or public area.

Asphalt is a much higher quality than tarmac. It has a durable surface and is primarily used as a surface for roads, airport runways, playgrounds and parking lots.

SMA (Stone Mastic Asphalt) is perfect for driveways, residential areas or roads. It has a consistent appearance, is durable and reduces water spray.

  • SMA provides a textured, durable, and rut resistant wearing course.
  • The surface texture characteristics of SMA are similar to open graded asphalt so that the noise generated by traffic is lower.
  • SMA may be used at intersections and other high traffic stress situations where ordinary asphalt is unsuitable.
  • SMA surfacing may provide reduced reflection cracking from underlying cracked pavements due to the flexible mastic.

Brennans Tarmac Contractors in Mullingar are available for large or small contracts, such as car parks, housing estates, industrial units, house fronts, school play grounds, tennis courts ect.

As a subcontractor for the larger road construction companies we have carried out works for various companies and councils through Ireland.

Brennans Tarmac Contractors are VAT compliant, C2 registered and employees have a FAS Safe Pass cert and completed Health & Safety courses and Traffic Management Courses.

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