Driveway Repairs by Brennan Tarmac

A tarmac driveway incurs a lot of abuse over the years, due to excess weight, ground movement, extreme temperature changes and harsh chemicals. Because of this the tarmac may start to crack, form potholes and crumble.

Repairing a tarmac driveway is done by patching up the gaps and cracks in the tarmac and filling potholes with new tarmac to restore a smooth and beautiful surface.

Maintaining a proper tarmac driveway is important since it is one of the first elements to catch a person's eye when they approach a house, school or business premises.

Brennans Tarmac Contractors carry out a range of ancillary works such as kerbing, grounds works, drainage and line marking. Brennans Tarmac Contractors are experts in both hand and machine lay techniques and are able to get the job done to the correct specification of the client.

Brennans Tarmac Contractors has an established record of Health and Safety and it is company practice to provide effective and relevant training to all staff, monitor such training or construction requirements and ensure that all reportable incidents are dealt with quickly and diligently.

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